The Tiny Tiger classes are specialized for children ages 3-6 and are geared to develop:  
Focus, Positive Attitudes, Discipline,
and Coordination. The Tiny Tiger belt ranking system
listed below has been designed specifically for them and works with their present, and
developing abilities, while motivating them to the next level.  When Tiny Tigers are ready to
memorize and transition to Juniors they may do so at any
age and belt rank; however, it
becomes a requirement at Brown Belt Recommended.

The Junior classes are designed specifically for students ages 7-12 and are broken down
by belt and training level.  Life-skills are emphasized and include:  Confidence, Discipline,
Integrity, Goals, Focus, Self-Esteem, Respect, Attitude, and Persistence.  As students begin
their Songahm Journey to Black Belt they find the will and desire to improve themselves and
seek  knowledge, build strength, and develop character.

The Adults training in Songahm Taekwondo not only learn self-defense, they also enjoy the
benefits of improved physical conditioning, weight loss, stress relief, flexibility, and increased
energy.  Most of all they have fun!  One of the greatest strengths of Songahm Taekwondo is its
adaptability to all ages, sizes, levels of physical fitness, and athleticism.  In fact, for many
moms Taekwondo is the first sport they have ever tried.  Remember,  “The family that kicks
together, sticks together.”

Our Belt Ranking System is based upon seven week sessions where the students are given
rank-specific goals as they train in Forms, One-Steps or Sparring, Self-Defense, safety
Weapons, and Board Breaks.  

Black Belt Club begins at Camo Belt when Sparring and Board Breaks become
graduation  requirements for all students and
Master's Club begins at Brown Belt when
Weapons training becomes a requirement. Student's may begin either program sooner than
recommended to advance their training, it is simply optional.

Orange - Tigers will also graduate to an Orange/Tiger Belt
Yellow - Tigers will also graduate to Yellow/Cheetah
Camo - Tigers will also graduate to Camo/Lion
Green - Tigers will also graduate to Green/Eagle
Purple - Tigers will also graduate to Purple/Phoenix
Blue - Tigers will also graduate to Blue/Dragon
Brown Recommended
Brown Decided
Red Recommended
Red Decided
Recommended 1st Degree Black Belt - Red/Black
1st Degree Black Belt Decided
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Blue & Gold Star Application Form
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Student Waiver